IT 911 For Hire !

Should you hire a new IT Specialist for every small or a new project? How about calling in a contractor who will disappear after the project is done (or dead!) and never call again?

You can do better

What we have to offer...

Bluenet LLC will SAVE you money on your next software project... We are a team of engineers with an impressive variety of skills. The quality of your work will not depend on one person's creativity but on the combined experiences of several professionals.

What you gain with our IT outsourcing?

Wouldn't it be nice to test an idea, build a prototype, or discover the possible pitfalls of a particular assumption before you decide to go ahead with a project? How about having a TEAM of engineers working for you, with no salary and benefit contracts to sign?

We will give you a free quote and you will decide.

You will be in CONTROL. Completely.

No job is too small.

We will match any reasonable bid.

We are in for a long relationship with you, if you want.

And we stand behind the quality of our work.

Ask for free details and a free estimate...


It is patriotic to use Inland Outsourcing. Your company gets a competitive edge and you help your community. You talk to live people you can actually see at your company’s doorsteps. Nobody will offer you all these features for our kind of competitive rate. Think about it!